Estudio Antropo™

Project #2


CARTONEROS® is a multiplayer video game that plays like a board game.
It brings friends and family together around the table. You play using a boARd™, that you spread out, gather around face-to-face, and navigate moving your mobile devices in your hands.
CARTONEROS® is a tactical strategy game where you clean the environment together, and compete over who collects the most cardboard.
The characters you control are the CARTONEROS®.

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Facebook page: Estudio Antropo

Project #1

boARd 3D®

boARd 3D® is an augmented reality game publishing platform, which utilizes physical locations and media as an alternative distribution channel for digital games.
What's totally new about boARd™ is that multiple players can use it at the same time. We are doing this to help players escape the isolation of online games, that disconnect players physically. boARd™ allows players to play digital video games like analog board games, from a shared space with face-to-face interactions.

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Facebook page: boARd 3D